About industrial Park “Stankozavodskoy”

Industrial Park “Stankozavodskoy” is a unique project for Ryazan (district - that is the territory with complex, which consist of workshops and administrative buildings, ready for granting to lease for diverse fields of industrial manufacturer enterprises.

Industrial Park located in Ryazan city, about 180 кm from Мosсow , in the industrial area, at the territory of Ryazan Machine Tool Works, constructed at the Soviet Union times as township-forming enterprise. Manufacturing Ground consist of engineering buildings and service units complex at the area more than 50 hectares.

At present Moment , under control of administration company Industrial Park “Stankozavodskoy” contained surface more than one hundred seventy thousands square meters, reserved for placing of future residents.

Main definitions and concepts

Federal agency for Technical regulation and metrology
National standard of Russian Federation GOST 56301 – 2014
Industrial Park
Industrial (manufacturing) Park – operated by property management company that is the real estate complex, consist of land section (sections) with industrial (workshops), administrative, warehousing and other kinds of buildings and structures , provided with engineering and transport infrastructure, necessary for creating new industrial production. Industrial Park of “brownfield” type : operating, manufacturing enterprise with traditional system of activity management for high-volume production (English – Russian Industrial glossary) – Industrial Park , created at the base of previously established manufacturing enterprises and business objects, provided with engineering and transport infrastructure.
Management company
Special property management company – legal party, which runing operations on management control, creating, development and function of Industrial Park.
Resident of Industrial Park – legal party or Businessman without forming of a legal entity, concluded with “ Special property management company” rent (leasing) contract or square of ground(or building) sales contract , which is under the jurisdiction of Industrial Park , operated at this territory it’s industrial production.

Project goals

Project initiator
Government of Ryazan District duly represented by Ministry of Economic development & trade, innovation and information technologies in cooperation with Ryazan District Development corporation.
Project goals

Сategory of land - residential area, permitted use for service operation of industrial buildings.

  • Total area of Industrial Park – 50 hectares.
  • Efficient areal size for residents of Industrial Park -170 000 square metres
  • Vacant space 105 000 м2 (95000 square metres production area and 10 000 square metres- office area).
  • Transferred property -65 000 square metres
  • Area of resident’s property -11 hectares.
  • Total number of facilities (individual working places) -600